Friday, 6 January 2012

Rob Ryan

I just so love Rob Ryan's beautiful paper-cut pictures! I'd love to buy one of his creations for my wall.  I found this little video and it made me smile :)  Oh and Happy 2012!

Friday, 7 January 2011

My hero, Kate Bush

I found this article on the wonderful blog of Josephine Pennicott, who is also a fan of Kate!

My hero: Kate Bush by David Mitchell

I admire Kate for being her own person, unique, talented and brave!  My husband thinks she is "weird" and I know many people find her too "out there" and I have had strange looks when I mention that I am still a fan, but I dont mind, in fact I kind of like it ;)
Nice to see her mentioned in a current article, she is such a private person who takes years to write albums, you dont often find much info on her these days (which is also good, the press seem to leave her alone)

Yay For Kate!


Reading Challenge

via doe-c-doe

I love reading, but over the last few years Ive been so occupied with kids or even my own thoughts, that Id momentarily forgotten the amazing joy and satisfaction you get from reading.
Buying, borrowing or finding a new book is exciting, then glancing at the first sentence, reading the dedication, the feel, the smell. Ive even read two books on my ipad's kindle, but I have to say I still love a foldy, touchy book.
Anyway! this year I am challenging myself to read 50 books, that's almost one a week, but that will be enough I think!
Ive been listing all the books I've yet to read and the ones Ive read on "Goodreads"

So it's now 2011 and Ive just completed one book and now onto the second....Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby

What are you reading?

Monday, 20 September 2010


It's funny...even after 20 years and marriage and children, I still remember my first love, and my first real heartbreak. This song always triggers the memory from 1990, life is crazy!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Peter and The Wolf

I'm taking my 5 year old to see Peter and The Wolf on Friday at La Mama Theatre in Melbourne. I remember being excited but also scared when I first saw a tv show of the production shown sometime in the 1970s. Prokofiev's music has a haunting feel, something I love still.
Its very dramatic and beautiful, and Im pretty sure my son will enjoy it, he doesnt scare easily and he quite likes being frightened in that half laughing hysterically half terrified kind of way! This is recommended for 4-11 yr olds and I think its been given a bit of a comic twist!
Did you see Peter and The Wolf as a child?

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Do the Bus Stop

Ive been watching a great documentary on the Islands surrounding Britain.. My cousin has moved to one of these islands in the last 5 years so I was interested to see what life is like in such a remote part of the world! I was touched by the strong support systems they create, they have to all pitch in and get along! It was amazing.  I also love the way they make sure they celebrate their community on Saturday nights at the town hall :)

On the Island of Unst, the most northerly island in the Shetlands..they have created a famous bus stop!  Over the last 10 or so years it's had different themes.  Ahh now wouldn't this make you smile  waiting for the bus! 

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

We Miss You

 We Miss You

waking up to the reality of dawn
the cupboard echoing my thoughts
we miss you
even your clothes-hanger
looks forlorn and lost

I scrunch my eyes together
trying to kid myself that its all a dream
your smell lingers
and my dreams
are scattered all over the floor

I take the hanger and twist it
much like you did with my heart
we need you
but we wont lie adrift
we will be reshaped and reborn