Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Confessions of a Christmas tragic

I love Christmas! I love the songs, the decorations, the kitschness, the fake snow everywhere when outside it's 40 degrees...I cant stop buying Christmas cd's! Every year I buy a few more and they all end up in my car, so at the moment there is a constant stream of Christmas songs coming from the Cd player!
I love the memories it brings...I love driving my children all over Melbourne in the balmy Summer nights, trying to find houses with more and more lights! tacky yes, fun, yes! last year my kids spent most of their time at a house with a Winter Wonderland theme and every minute or so a big blower thingy would blow fake snow all around them! They loved it!
I love talking to the neighbours as we all wander up and down the street looking at each others lights, and the children run from house to house!
Its funny how I feel almost guilty for enjoying this time of year, should I be more grown up, cynical, Im well aware of all the downsides to being a Christmas tragic, Im a dream to merchandisers, Im willing to part with money for something cute and sparkly! puh...I dont care! It makes me happy, it makes me feel like a kid.......:) Hooray for Christmas!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Today would have been my dear Dad's 76th birthday! Its such an emotional day for me, and it seems to get a bit harder the longer he's been gone. He was my best friend in the world for many years! I remember my Mum telling me that the nurses commented when I was born that they'd never seen such a proud Father when meeting his daughter for the first time. I remember waiting every day by the window counting the minutes till he came home. He had a booming laugh that made me feel good, he smelt of musk lifesavers that he kept in his work jacket pocket, he had big soft hands and beautifully shaped nails, but terribly flat feet and a big nose :) all of it I loved!

I used to worry that something would happen to him from very early on...the thought that Id have to be in this world without him one day would make me cry at night in bed. I loved him more than anything, I still do. But Im still here, even though he has gone, and Ive somehow still wanted to live, even though I'll forver have a Dad shaped hole in my heart.
I miss you Dad, I thankyou for everything and every moment and all your love! Happy Birthday wherever you may be

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sleep then my princess

I had a memory come to me recently, one I hadnt thought about for many years. I was singing to my 3 year old and suddenly rememberd a song my Mum used to sing to me when I couldnt sleep. She would stroke my forehead and sing these words

Sleep then, my Princess, oh, sleep!
Slowly the gray shadows creep;
Forest and meadow are still;
Peace falls on valley and hill;
Luna appears in the sky,
Holding her lantern on high;
Stars now their night watches keep,
Sleep then, my Princess, oh sleep!
Sleep then, my Princess, oh, sleep!
Calm flow the waters so deep;
Soon shall thy weary lids close;
Sink to a gentle repose;
Mother shall leave her Princess;
Heaven thy slumber shall bless;
Angels their watch o'er thee keep,
Sleep then, my Princess, oh sleep!

Now I couldnt remember every word at the time, but the trusty internet soon found them courtesy of my search of "sleep now my princess" I then discovered it was a well known Mozart piece called The cradle song or Wiegenlied.
I love the words above, and they used to conjure up magical visions in my head as I tried to sleep.
So I went looking for the song and was really happy to find a gorgeous version by Hayley Westernra, who in my opinion, has the most pure beautiful voice! She does a brilliant version of "Wuthering Heights" the number 1 song in my Top 100 list of best ever songs :)
ahhh Mum, thanks for giving me a lovely memory!

Did your Mother sing to you at bedtime? or any other time?