Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Rima Staines

Since reading about a wonderful handmade clock on my cousin's blog I have become transfixed by the life and works of Rima Staines. Rima and her husband live a nomadic life, travelling in a wooden van around the UK, what a lovely life :)
She is so brilliantly creative and clever, her blog is fascinating.  If you feel like a good read visit
The Hermitage :)
Here is a beautiful blackberry wedding necklace she made for a bride!  Covet covet.....

Friday, 6 November 2009

Living on Slim, Blonde Street!

I really really really want to lose weight...really really!   Ive now got to the point where I am now bigger than I have ever been, and with that comes depression, embarrassment and the wanting to lock myself away feeling!
I went to a lovely Melbourne Cup Day BBQ on Tuesday. It was at a neighbours house. I seem to live in a street predominated by slim blonde woman!! egads!  Where's the fat, dumpy, mousy haired Street??   Anyway these woman are very nice, and also very pretty, and also rich enough to wear different clothes every time I see them, unlike me in my same old hugey size clothes! (yes Im whinging ;))
I'd already been dieting for a week at this point, so I tried to resist the scrumptious cakes, dips and fried stuff! I felt annoyed but strong. Last night I weighed myself and I'd lost two kilos...hip hip hooray! I treated myself to 2 chocolate gold coins I found in the back of the fridge.  I want to be slim, brown haired girl in slim blonde hair Street, I hope I can keep it up ;)
2 kilos down........lots to go! (I feel embarrassed to admit this but to get to my ideal weight I need to lose one 11 yr old and one 4 yr children combined!)  *sigh*

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Days when you feel like a pin cushion :)

Do you ever feel like this little butterfly girl on a wheel, being stuck with pins......

I have just been reading the blog of my lovely cousin, Sue, you can visit her at Discombobula! She happened to have a really horrible exchange with a young guy at the station the other day, one of those moments when you want to run away and cry and not face anyone for a few hours!   It made me think about the deep hurt and shame we cause each other on a daily basis, the throw away lines said in anger, the cutting words spat out when we feel crap about ourselves and want someone else to feel it too, even if it means making you feel worse in the long run.  Why do we do it? 
I sometimes feel mad at the world, I know many people do! maybe all of us at some point or other.  What scares me is becoming more and more bitter as I get older, letting those hurts of the last 40 years eat me up and make me someone I'm not!   I seem to get hurt by the same things now as I did at 10, I thought you were meant to grow a thicker skin as you got older!!
Its made me realise how important blogging can be, to blog and to read other people's.  It can change your mood, getting a nice reply, a confirmation that someone thinks you are ok,  and sometimes reading about other people's lives makes you forget your own nagging troubles or doubts, or maybe realise you have a lot to be thankful for!  I love delving into other people's lives, Im nosey like that :) Yay for blogging!