Thursday, 10 January 2008

I said to the almond tree
"Speak to me of God"
The tree blossomed.

I saw this on a Wellspring brochure! I love it :)

New Music

I may be a child of the 80's as far as music goes, but I do still love the thrill of hearing new artists and songs! In a world where it sometimes seems as if nothing new can really be discovered musically there are still some artists who make me want to run out and buy their cd's Two girls who Ive just found on the BBC top artists of 2008 are impressive, they are both young, 19 & 23 but still I like to think I can relate to their music even in my advancing years ;) When is it too old to listen to new music? I like to think never, but I also dont want to be one of those Mothers who look like their trying to be cool and like their kids music! I sometimes wonder how my boys will rebel against me, musically, as I dont think I really dislike any forms of music, even if I dont understand or relate to it.

These two girls are new on the Brit scene and I just love their styles! One is moody and clever with lyrics, the other has a wonderful retro feel, and people have compared her to Dusty Springfield.

See what you think!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

All is quiet on New Years Day

It's eerie outside, as if everyone has been spirited off the planet and someone forgot to tell me where they were going.
I went over the road to feed the neighbours animals while they're away and while walking over there I didnt see one car, one person, one sign of life. The neighbours cat greeted me with a very relieved meow, she wanted to be out of the hot stuffy house she'd been trapped in all night, but apart from that, nothing!
This was the first New Years Eve in my entire life I have spent choice mind you, but it was still a strange experience. At midnight I could here a few partygoers yelling out and fireworks erupting over the nearby sports oval. But I didnt care that I wasnt there, or wasnt anywhere really...I was quite happy to just be in silence, and welcome the New Year in. I really think Id like that to be my theme for the year..more silence, more alone time with God, give myself plenty of time to get a grip on the things I am struggling with.