Monday, 28 September 2009

Yippeee, a blog award for me!

Let’s Be Friends Award

Thanks to lovelylissie for my very first blog award!! Im so excited!
Please visit lissie's very lovely blog Vintage Joy

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Despite my love for the internet and the quick fire way you can connect to people all over the world, I do love to get snail mail! A postcard, a letter, fancy writing, nice paper, stamps and stickers :) My cousin and I used to send bumper letters to each other, packed with news & questionnaires and the envelope was pretty much covered with the bands and pop singers we were totally in love with ;)

I recently joined Postcrossing, I thought it would be fun for me and the kids! You get 5 random addresses sent to you from all around the world, you check their preferences and likes, and pick out 5 interesting postcards to send to them...and of course 5 random people get your address!
Today we received our first postcard from Finland, the postcard has a gorgeous picture of the Moomins from Moominsummer madness. I first learnt about the Moomins a month or so ago on Loobylu's blog, and since then Ive been caught up in their magic :)

Anyway, if you feel like a little postcard exchange..please click the postcrossing banner! :)

Postcards Exchange

Friday, 18 September 2009

Babooshka Babuska

Well as a fan of the song, and a fan of the dolls, I just have to enter this lovely Little Snoring blog's contest and win a Babushka necklace! They are children's necklaces, but I think I'd be asking for a longer one for me!! Cant decide which colour I love most.

and now...I just have to include some Kate!!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Vintage Style

Make yourself over in pure Mad Men vintage style! :)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Dancing fruit!

I just had to post this kitchen! Who wouldnt want this 1948 kitchen with dancing fruit wallpaper border? How could you ever stagger, sleep deprived and hungover, into this kitchen and not feel instantly cheery ;) (click for bigger pic)

Home Sweet Home

Wow, buy this kit home and you can enjoy a summer's evening among the faeries and sprites, SOLD!

I love looking at old photos and advertisements for houses and household products, especially around the 40s and 50s. There is a great blog called Retro Renovation, I always love to browse their pages and pages of retro houses and adverts. Instead of buying an old house and ripping out everything that gave it style 50 years ago, retro renovation shows you great photos of houses updated but not completely stripped of their old charm and beauty. They have a "Save the Pink Bathroom" campaign, which I love!
Anyway if you're like me and love looking at houses and suburbs from the turn of the century through to the 1950s have a little looky at Clarke Historial Library. It has a wonderful index of old Aladdin Home sales catalogues, apparently a well know kit home manufacturer in the U.S. I love looking at the covers and the amazing illustrations of how houses developed through the years.