Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Despite my love for the internet and the quick fire way you can connect to people all over the world, I do love to get snail mail! A postcard, a letter, fancy writing, nice paper, stamps and stickers :) My cousin and I used to send bumper letters to each other, packed with news & questionnaires and the envelope was pretty much covered with the bands and pop singers we were totally in love with ;)

I recently joined Postcrossing, I thought it would be fun for me and the kids! You get 5 random addresses sent to you from all around the world, you check their preferences and likes, and pick out 5 interesting postcards to send to them...and of course 5 random people get your address!
Today we received our first postcard from Finland, the postcard has a gorgeous picture of the Moomins from Moominsummer madness. I first learnt about the Moomins a month or so ago on Loobylu's blog, and since then Ive been caught up in their magic :)

Anyway, if you feel like a little postcard exchange..please click the postcrossing banner! :)

Postcards Exchange


Sue said...


fenandned said...

Thanks for this! Me and my daughter signed up and are a tad too over excited about it! My daughter is just going to keep on sending until she receives a Moomin card!
Sarah xxx

Cloudbusting said...

Suze? ooooohhhh, I take that means you like? ;)

Sarah, oh how wonderful!! glad you have signed up too :) I will be crossing my fingers and toes that your daughter gets a Moomin card! Would love to know where your first card comes from :) said...

That sounds like a good idea! suzie. x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I'm a real Postcrossing-aholic. I have had my 9th card through today. From Arizona.

Anonymous said...

This is such a cool idea. I will definitely be checking it out! I recently stumbled across your blog an am really loving coming here to visit. To show my appreciation and love I've given you a little blog award.