Friday, 14 November 2008

Today would have been my dear Dad's 76th birthday! Its such an emotional day for me, and it seems to get a bit harder the longer he's been gone. He was my best friend in the world for many years! I remember my Mum telling me that the nurses commented when I was born that they'd never seen such a proud Father when meeting his daughter for the first time. I remember waiting every day by the window counting the minutes till he came home. He had a booming laugh that made me feel good, he smelt of musk lifesavers that he kept in his work jacket pocket, he had big soft hands and beautifully shaped nails, but terribly flat feet and a big nose :) all of it I loved!

I used to worry that something would happen to him from very early on...the thought that Id have to be in this world without him one day would make me cry at night in bed. I loved him more than anything, I still do. But Im still here, even though he has gone, and Ive somehow still wanted to live, even though I'll forver have a Dad shaped hole in my heart.
I miss you Dad, I thankyou for everything and every moment and all your love! Happy Birthday wherever you may be


MelMel said...

Bless many sweet memories of your dear dad.....
Big hug from me!

Sue said...

Awww, happy birthday, Big Al.

76. Goodness. He's been gone a while, hasn't he?

I am so proud of you, the way you have got through the worse thing that could have ever happened to you. And I continue to hang on to the beautiful vision of you and your daddy hugging again at some point in the future.

I love this pic. Look at you! Running like the wind on the beach :)

Sue said...

PS: Now that trivia has been cancelled tonight, should we do something else instead? Let me know if you want to. I'm as ambivalent as I always am, but then will have a ball once we get together :)

Sue said...

(PSS: Not ambivalent about seeing you :) Ambivalent about getting myself motivated :)

Okay. I'm going away now :)

Andrea said...

MelMel, thankyou so much for your lovely words! They do mean so much on days like today! xx.

Susie! Thankyou :) and thanks for saying you are proud of me, its something that we dont say enough to each other (not us, everyone :))
Im proud of you too, who knew how much we'd both go through when we were 10 & 12 playing in the sand in the backyard! xx Back then it was grow up, get married, have tons of kids, live next door to each other, have a band, wear spangly tops and tight black shiny pants, and that was it, what more would be need! :)

Andrea said...

Im a bit so/so too..part of me really would love to go out, and part of me feels a bit flat! Still, there's time yet! Did Johnno say yay or nay?

Sue said...

Johno said yay :) We thought maybe we could go and catch a band somewhere, like we said.

I still want a spangly top and black shiny pants :)

Andrea said...

haha, me too...I wish I had some to wear out tonight!