Tuesday, 20 July 2010

We Miss You

 We Miss You

waking up to the reality of dawn
the cupboard echoing my thoughts
we miss you
even your clothes-hanger
looks forlorn and lost

I scrunch my eyes together
trying to kid myself that its all a dream
your smell lingers
and my dreams
are scattered all over the floor

I take the hanger and twist it
much like you did with my heart
we need you
but we wont lie adrift
we will be reshaped and reborn


Sue said...

Oh, my.


You have such a strong, good, evocative, wise voice. SO glad to see it being expressed again. Write more. Write more. Write more.

:) Mwah.

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Oh, that's sounding very sad.
Sounds like someone old has gone. Your poems always make me cry. And I have to get breakfast ready.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

tears are pricking ~ are you ok?

lovely words,

Sarah x

Andrea (cloudbusting) said...

Oh dear! Hope I havent depressed anyone too much with my poem :)
Thanks, Sue for your comments x and to Make mine Mid-century and Sarah xx
I was actually feeling a bit down last week, but Im much better this week! :)

Caz said...

I'm back to read your poem again. My daughter's school Principal died last week so it really resonated with me.Thanks for the lovely words.

Andrea (cloudbusting) said...

Oh Caz :( Im pretty sure I know your daughter's school..my Godson is in prep there. What a tragedy!
Im glad my poem spoke to you in such a way, thankyou! xx

Caz said...

Small world isn't it? Yes, it was a terrible shock. Thanks again for your poignant words.