Sunday, 18 July 2010

: Doc Martin :

Well this week's obsession has been "Doc Martin"  Being so cold and dreary this weekend I managed to watch 10 or so episodes of the Doc, and have fallen in love with the series! Even the kids and husband have enjoyed it!
First you have the salty seaside town in Cornwall, steep hills, narrow lanes, whitewashed walls and lots of beached seaweed, then the people who live in the fictitious town of Portwenn..all slightly eccentric and hilarious!
And of course there is the Doc, Dr Martin Ellingham, a rude, gruff, but highly skilled GP who has had to give up a promising surgical career because he freaks out at the sight of blood!  You see him on many occasions hurling into a paper bag while trying to clean up some one's bloody wound!  I just love this character, he is amazingly played by Martin Clunes, because although he is so so rude, so pompous and seemingly without any personal skills whatsoever! there is something endearing about him, his vulnerabilities and awkwardness, especially around women, is just so sweet (oh gawd!)  Even the town dogs seem strangely attracted to him, one fluffy mutt seems to follow him everywhere, much to Doc's annoyance! Now I'm not your classic romantic girly girl...I tend to find most overly romantic films or books a bit cheesy!  I never wanted a man who would worship me and throw rose petals at my feet, I like a bloke who'll fix your car, read  a book, argue with you if he thinks you're wrong, and of course be slightly marshmallowy on the inside while still being burly and blokesome!
Well Doc Martin is pretty much the antithesis to a romantic man, and I guess that's why I just love the dynamics between his character and the character of Louisa, his love interest.  Louisa is a pretty school teacher, sensible, intelligent and not afraid to speak her mind, but with a sweetness that has most of the town bewitched! (one exception being the neck brace wearing pharmacist who has her own designs on the Doc)
Their relationship is very slow going but lovely to watch, he so awkward and still quite rude, but softening whenever he sees or talks to Louisa, and you can tell he infuriates her but also fascinates her at the same time.
Over the weekend Ive watched them shyly clasp hands at a concert, which made me want to cry????  (I shudder at my own weaky soppy crybaby ways!)  argue when after a lovely kiss, he tells her that he can smell her pheromones and they smell slightly of urine!  He manages to insult her often, never realising his Doctorly advise is sometimes better left unsaid, especially after they spend their first night together and the next day he offers her a nasal clip to help with her snoring!
He does finally ask her to marry him, but ahhh....the course of TV drama romance never runs smoothly, and the wedding is a disaster with both realising they really don't think the other could make them happy.

Now I'm on to the 4th series, where Louisa, who had fled to London, comes back to Portwenn 6 months pregnant with the Doc's baby. Yay another series where they fumble, mumble and generally dodge each other until I presume things are ok again..well I hope so??  They better be!!   I wont rest until Martin and Louisa are happily married and I can move onto the next show!

Anyway...give it a look if you'd like :)


Greedy Nan said...

I loved this too but really can't say why because I just wanted to slap him for not going for her. I'm very tempted to get the DVDs which have come out so I can watch it over and over again.

Cloudbusting said...

Hello, haha I often want to slap him, I think for me, thats one of the charms of the show, he is so rude and obnoxious! ;)
Get the DVDs your know you want to! heh:)

Claudia Lawrence said...

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Andrea (cloudbusting) said...

Thanks, Claudia, I shall have a look at that site! :)

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi, Glad that you like Doc M. We live in Devon, not far from Dartmoor but have a holiday lodge in Cornwall at Tintagel, not far from where they film Doc M. You should visit the area one day.