Friday, 7 January 2011

My hero, Kate Bush

I found this article on the wonderful blog of Josephine Pennicott, who is also a fan of Kate!

My hero: Kate Bush by David Mitchell

I admire Kate for being her own person, unique, talented and brave!  My husband thinks she is "weird" and I know many people find her too "out there" and I have had strange looks when I mention that I am still a fan, but I dont mind, in fact I kind of like it ;)
Nice to see her mentioned in a current article, she is such a private person who takes years to write albums, you dont often find much info on her these days (which is also good, the press seem to leave her alone)

Yay For Kate!



Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Hello, thanks for that mention! I think Kate is a true genius. I admire her so much for being true to herself and her vision and for combining her vast talent with motherhood in the way she has done. I can still recall her debut with Wuthering Heights on Countdown. She amazed me then and she continues to do so. Long may she reign! xx

Fourth Daughter said...

I love that dress she's wearing... I did a post a while ago inspired by it!

Cloudbusting said...

ooh I shall go and have a look Fourth Daughter, I too love her dress!

MelMel said...

Thank you for your lovely comment....:>)

I like Kate, she has a cool unique look!