Saturday, 18 April 2009

Timmy, Toby and Teddy!

Ive found a couple of lovely vintage children's books at the Op Shop.
One, Tales of the Countryside has the most gorgeous illustrations.
Im in love with this picture from "Timmy, Toby and Teddy: The Three Gnomes"

These three lovely little chaps do good deeds throughtout their forest home but alas as the author tells us "The three little men had no one to look after them, No one to cook them nice dinners, or bake jam tarts. No one to kiss them goodnight and tuck them into bed warm and cosy"
Well as karma plays out, the little gnomes help out poor Honey Bee who has lost her wings! They take her home to Mushroom Cottage and with the help of a magician restore her beautiful return Honey Bee decides to look after her three new friends, doing everything from making them all new sets of clothes to making a new counterpane for their little bed! Heaven!

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Anonymous said...

I have a lot of old Enid Blyton books with illustrations like these in them and they make me feel like I could snuggle up in bed for a sick day, being looked after by my mum. Not likely at 35yrs of age though...sniff, sniff