Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Did anyone else read the Aurora series?
I remember reading and enjoying them when I was about 9 or 10! I think what first appealed to me was that Aurora and her family lived in a high rise apartment, something I found so much more exciting than living in a suburban family house! The other interesting feature of the Aurora series was that Aurora's Mother worked and her Father (who was studying ancient history) looked after Aurora and her little brother Socrates.
The books were written between 1966 and the early 70s and in Australia I would think this type of living arrangement would have been quite rare at that time. Not sure about Norway where the books were written, and set, but Aurora's apartment building seems to think it's odd too.
Anyway!!Id forgotten about these books until recently when I spotted an ex-library (and quite grotty) edition in a second hand shop. Hurrah!. Have read a couple of chapters and can still see why I loved Aurora as a child :)


Sal said...

I seem to remember seeing these books before.Are they also illustrated by the author?

Sue said...

Oh, a vague, vague memory when I see the illustrations.

What a cool family, haha! :)

(Glad to see you're still scouting secondhand shops for books :)

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