Thursday, 5 March 2009

Wordie love!

I love this! enter your blog address, play with colours and fonts and make a little wordie pic!

Wordle: cloudbusting


Sue said...

I like your paranoid twittering.

*Fluffs feathers nervously* I invited my friends to Twitter but they all refused. Is it me, or is it Twitter?

Hehe. It is not you, oh favourite cousin of mine. I have no desire to Twitter. It just doesn't appeal to me at all :)

Andrea said...

hehe, yeah was feeling a bit paranoid earlier! I think Ive realised why I like twittering though, it appeals to my stalking/Mrs Mangle side..I get to know what people are having for dinner, what they're creating. haha ;) they call it microblogging in 142 characters or less!
Anyway Ive still got that stalked book in the back of my head, maybe i should get started!