Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Hurrah! for dead fish sandwiches

There are many things in this world that I'm unsure of but one thing I can say without any doubt whatsoever is my sons would rather clean their rooms than eat sardines! But I remember a time back in 1978 when sardine and onion sandwiches featured heavily on my school lunchtime menu! How did my Mum ever get me to try this sandwich filler? I wish Id asked her when I had the chance, but anyway, next to curried egg and lemon butter, sardine and onion were my favourites! Of course along with their tastiness came the big problem of their rather strong odour! My poor classmates would howl in protest as I opened up my lunchbox "Mrs Marinoff, Andrea's eating dead fish sandwiches again!!" and my poor teacher used to smile apologetically at me as she made me sit at the back of the room while the other kids sat out front on the mat.
The funny thing is, I secretly liked freaking the other children out with my disgusting sandwiches! Always being one to enjoy the limelight I grinned broadly as the others screwed up their faces and moved away!
I look back now and think about how I must have had much more courage and confidence than I do now. The thought of people having that reaction to something I do now doesn't appeal to me, but at 9 I quite enjoyed it! Wish I could channel that 9 yr old Andrea some days, a bit of her sardine eating courage would really do me well!

This story was inspirded by words and pictures
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meet me at mikes said...

Oh yes! I think you should be eating stinky things a lot more, Ms Andrea! You are still a brave, funny, great girl, I'm sure! I loved reading this! Go sardine gal! (I like sardines too!)

Sue said...

"The funny thing is, I secretly liked freaking the other children out with my disgusting sandwiches!"

Haha, yeah :) It's sort of in the realm of the loving pus thing, dontcha reckon???

I remember once you had something in your eye and it was all red and you were telling me how much you were enjoying going up to people and grossing them out with your gooberly bright red eye haha :)

So tell me you didn't mean curried egg and lemon butter sandwiches TOGETHER???

Stephanie said...

I was wondering about the egg & lemon combo, too. What is lemon butter? It sounds yummy.

What a fun story. Such a sweet way to honor your 9 year old self. :)

MelMel said...

I love sardines on toast!

.girl ferment. said...

Beautiful image of it.
You took me back to a long weekend at the beach recently eating sardines on bread with a bit of day old boiled potato, baby spinach and a squeeze of lemon.
So so delicious.

Cloudbusting said...

Sardine gal! haha, that shall be my new brave girl name ;) Thanks Pip.

Sue, haha yes I remember my blood shot eye, I was excited because Pas came up and chatted to me while being grossed out! and hah no not curried egg and lemon butter together! now that is too weird :)

Stephanie, lemon butter is delicious, especially when it's home made!

Melmel! Yum, on toast is another way to enjoy sardines mmm. Mel I cant get to your blog anymore! I miss it :)

girl.ferment (love that name) that sandwich sounds absolutely delicious, Im writing it down for future reference! love your blog

Stomper Girl said...

I applaud your confident 9 year old self but I'm not sure if the adult you is less confident, maybe you are just more thoughtful?

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