Friday, 7 March 2008

Archibald Prize

Del Kathryn Barton
You are what is most beautiful about me, a self portrait with Kell and Arella

I wouldnt normally notice who won the Archibald Prize, but this paticular painting caught my eye. I now realise why, it's just how I feel. I love the way she has painted her children.

From Del Kathryn Barton about the painting.

“This painting celebrates the love I have for my two children and how my relationship with them has radically informed and indeed transformed my understanding of who I am,” she says.

“The title of the work – you are what is most beautiful about me – alludes to that utterly profound ‘in-loveness’ that all mothers have for their children. Both my children have taken my world by storm and very little compares to the devotion I feel for them both. The intensity of this emotion is not something that I could have prepared myself for. The alchemy of life offered forth from my inhabitable woman's body is perhaps the greatest gift of my life.”

I also really like one of the finalists

Zai Kuang
The sisters - Celia and Julia


Sue said...

Wow, I love this! I heard about it on the radio before and was wondering what it looked like ... thanks for the answer :)

I love it when "Cloudbusting" comes up in my reader.

And your kids are a pretty damn good part of you, but you all by yourself is pretty damn good too.

Andrea said...

Thankyou, Darling...that is a lovely thing to say :)
I would love to get a copy of this picture, I wonder if they will have a print at the National gallery eventually.

BTW: You are pretty damn good yerself!