Monday, 4 January 2010


a shining web of my own
a radiant shape of hope
a mere moment of bliss
is what I hold in my hand

a craving so raw it twists
a desire so lonely for life
a lament often heard from my mouth
when will my hand be full

a woven stream of life
running from childhood to grown 
is what I stuggle to fit
in this hand I clasp to my heart

a happiness born from the past
a memory too painful to share
a wish for release and end
my hands be together as one


Sue said...

Did you write this? It's fantastic.

Cloudbusting said...

Yep, I wrote it in the wee small hours of the night...thankyou dear cousin! that means so much! :)

fenandned said...

How lovely is that, I was just looking for a name of who wrote such loveliness and there you are!
Beautiful x

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Why did this start me crying? Clever you for writing something so beautiful.