Thursday, 3 December 2009

Handmade Handbags!

My new bag!

 I love it when spontaneous things happen and you end up having a lovely moment with friends :)   I was standing outside my house tonight, talking to my husband about where to put the Christmas lights, when one of the ladies down the street pulled up in her car and said "Come and look at some handmade handbags!" Well the words handmade and handbag both caught my attention, so we picked up another lady across the road and ended up a few streets away in a really creative ladies house and surrounded by bags!!  You should have heard the three of us trying to decide which one to chose...I think we all changed our mind many times.
So if you'd like to have a look at some really nice stuff made by a nice lady in her house....please go here!!!
Victoria Goodridge  (--- even her name is nice!


Victoria Goodridge said...

Hi Andrea your blog is a treasure trove of creative thoughts, images and emotional expression. It is a delight :). I so look forward to your future musings. :)
p.s Thanks for your support and positive feedback, it is always a pleasure to meet a fellow creative sole.

Sue said...

Oooh, these are lufferly! Good stuff, Victoria :) said...

Gor-gee- ous!!!! suzie. xxx

Cloudbusting said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, Victoria! Its always nice to know someone likes the little things you post here and there! Im loving my bag, it's been with me ever since I bought it ;)
Sue and Suzie, they are lovely :) Victoria is very clever!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Gorgeous bags! Thanks for joining my blog, so great to meet all these fabulous, creative friendly people isn't it!