Friday, 9 October 2009

Moss Graffiti

I love the idea of moss graffiti. Im not a fan of your old everyday spraycan tagging type graffiti, but I do admire some of the more artistic stenciled wall art! BUT even better is something non toxic and living.

I might just make me a moss shake and paint my shed wall...see what happens!

I found this recipe on the wonderful


1 can of beer
1/2 teaspoon sugar
Several clumps garden moss

You will also need a plastic container (with lid),
a blender and a paintbrush


To begin the recipe, first of all gather together several clumps of moss (moss can usually be found in moist, shady places) and crumble them into a blender. Then add the beer and sugar and blend just long enough to create a smooth, creamy consistency. Now pour the mixture into a plastic container.

Find a suitable damp and shady wall on to which you can apply your moss milkshake. Paint your chosen design onto the wall (either free-hand or using a stencil). If possible try to return to the area over the following weeks to ensure that the mixture is kept moist. Soon the bits of blended moss should begin to re-couperate into a whole rooted plant – maintaining your chosen design before eventually colonising the whole area.

3 comments: said...

I love that idea, I think it looks fab! Pop over to my blog please, I have an award for you! Suzie. xxx

Sue said...

Oh, wow!!! How cool!!!

We should go and stencil, "Mosssy!" on the outside of The Middle next time he's there for you to fall on! ;D

Teresa said...

Fascinating...sending this site to my friends. Thank you for sharing this information about moss, etc. Never heard of this before :)