Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Plastic fantastic!

I found this wonderful craft book at the local second hand shop "Plastic the wonder handcraft" I just had to buy it.
How nice would crochet plastic earrings and a lovely spray of plastic flowers on a brooch back be? not very, me thinks!
But am I dismissing this too soon? I tend to think melting and crafting plastic would be the least likeable craft activity, just think of those fumes! and I'm yet to see a good picture of plastic craft, so maybe I'll reserve judgement
Anyway it's all fun and the lady on the front cover looks pretty impressed with her plasticy bouquet! I'm guessing this booklet is from the 1950s? There is no date, and the lady on the front is the only real clue!

1 comment:

Sal said...

I suppose,when it first came out,plastic was novel.
I hate it.. but do concede that it has its uses.
(Lego for instance!)