Thursday, 15 January 2009

Blondie and Twinings

When I was 17 I wanted to be Blondie, well Deborah Harry actually, not the other guys in the band Blondie...that's just weird! ;) Ive always been a huge fan of their music, At 17, I just KNEW that life would be so much better to be someone else, someone gorgeous, talented and sort after by every teenage boy in every bedroom in the world!
Thinking about that today on what was a rather hot Melbourne day I decided to listen to some Blondie while enjoying some English Breakfast tea and browsing through Country Living magazine with all it's beautiful interiors and grade II listed country houses and wishing I lived in the colder parts of the world (namely England)
Why do I always want to be someone else or live somewhere else, as if that will guarantee 100% happiness!
I feel as I if I spend quite a lot of my time feeling frustrated about ageing and at the same time wanting to finally grow up and deal with life! Listening to Blondie and delving into the world of country interiors is quite representative of my life at the moment! One foot in adolescence and the other in adulthood. While I don't want to lose the adolescent part of me completely I do need to only let it surface in a positive way, not in unrealistic fantasies of life as someone else. I do like being me, but if I could encase me in someone fitter, prettier and more dazzling, wouldn't life be better? ;)
2009 must be my year of letting go of the past and embracing the here and now! There is so much that is still wonderful to do and be....I want to be the person who doesn't wish they really did look like someone else or want somebody else's life or house or hair....etc etc...or want to be somewhere else as I so often do! I do feel I can do it, I do feel it's withing reach (even if it sometimes hides behind the curtains)
Let's raise our cup of Twinings to the present and our unique selves!


Lacey said...

Andrea, you are beautiful just the way you are. Seriously.

MelMel said...

I love the cup.....Blondie was my Uncles fave singer!xx

Silvia said...

Andrea, you're an amazing and inspiring person already :)

thriftymrs said...

I lurve blondie.

Greedy Nan said...

Hi. I'm coming back to see you later but found you via your comment on Mel Mel's blog and really liked your name - Kate Bush is also a favourite of mine - very unique voice and a veggie to-boot. Nice to make your acquaintance.

Cloudbusting said...

Lacey and Silvia, thankyou so much! what lovely things to say...and of course I think the same of you both xx

Mel, I too love the cup! I found the picture while looking for a cup of Id love to find one..

Welcome Greedy Nan! It's always a pleasure to meet another fan of Kates. She is my very favourite singer and song writer, so unique!
I look forward to reading your blog. I also notice Enid Blyton listed as a favourite author of yours :)