Saturday, 4 October 2008

King Grisly Beard

Today I took the three kids, AB & C to look around some old junk shops and a nearby second hand book shop. This particular book shop has so many books stacked to the celing, you take your life in your hands just walking in the door!

Still, the kids eyes widened as they scooted down a very narrow aisle heading for the children's books! I told them that they could each pick one book under $10, and so they spent the next 20 mins deciding on and then discarding many many books before I told them "pick one now or you dont get any!"

I found a gorgeous vintage children's book called "King Grisly Beard" published by Renwick of Otley. It has no date but Im guessing it's from the 1940/50s. It includes gorgeous pictures by Arthur Mansbridge and another story called The Fairy Horseshoes. I must scan some of the pics and put them on here. I am obsessed with vintage children's books and toys at the moment!

Alex ended up with a 2000 Guiness Book of Records to add to his collection, and Belinda picked a Mr Men activity book full of puzzles. Cam chose a Madeleine book, it's lovely!

After we got home it started to rain which was perfect reading weather so Cam and I curled up on the back couch and read about Madeleine and the dog Genevieve who rescued her from the waters of the Seine. Cam was quite taken with the 12 girls Madeleine lives with.

We then read old King Grisly beard and looked at the pictures of another story in the book called Country life.

I really feel sorry for people who dont enjoy books!


investing said...

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Isabella said...

I read somewhere that those who read books live more then one life. Everytime I open a book I'm swished into another world and for that time I'm far away living another life. My best friend thinks I'm crazy and perhaps I am, but everytime I open a book I come alive :o) People miss out on so much when they don't read. It lovely to read your boys and Belinda love it so much. I think I'm much like them in bookshop all excited to be surrounded by all these treasures.

Love, Isabella

Andrea said...

Hello Isa, lovely to see you here!
I dont think you're crazy to feel that way! I feel exactly the same when I read a book, taken away to another world, another time, another life! One of my biggest wishes for the boys is that they would discover the magic of books, and I think they have! Hallelujah!

Sue said...

I agree with Isabella. Here's to living many lives within the one.

Isn't today a perfect day to stay inside and read? It's FREEZING!!!

carolyn said...

How lovely to find your blog it is utterly charming and I was thrilled to see that you have Willow House on your blog roll. Thank you.

Ragged Roses said...

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! I can't imagine not wanting to read or enjoy books

Andrea said...

Sue, the last day or so has really been inside reading time! Ive managed to finish one novel and Im about to start The Time Travelers Wife!

Carolyn, thankyou so much for visiting and leaving a message, I love your blog and will be visiting often.

Kim! Yours was one of the first blogs I recently read in my new addiction to blog reading :) Its wonderful!

Sue said...

that book sounds wonderful

GingerLouise said...

I'm sure you have gotton a million suggestions for books but this one "The house above the trees" is so special, its a childrens book but my favorite. It was wrritten in the 1940's and has only become available again lately.

Andrew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrea said...

Hi GingerLouise! No I havent had a million suggestions, so it's nice to get yours :) I will keep an eye out for "the House above the trees" just the name makes me want to read it!
thanks :)

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