Sunday, 31 August 2008

Moments of Pleasure

Its been one of those days when I keep thinking of Mum and Dad, especially Dad....and I still miss him as much as if he left yesterday. Where are you? I love you


Sue said...

What a beautiful song!

I dreamt about them both the night before last. We were in the house at Mountain Highway and I was going to make them pancakes with lemon juice and sugar :) But when I looked in the pantry, there wasn't any food there :( That was sad.

I hope where they both are they are pigging out on pancakes with lemon juice and sugar, loving us all from afar, seeing things we can't see.

Andi said...

Your dream is so sad :( Its really quite symbolic eh? I guess thats obvious really. I know you miss them too!

Oh I so hope they are somewhere seeing those things..sometimes it feels as if they are gone from this place/cosmos/galaxy whatever..I used to feel as if they were around, but I havent for a long time. Depending on how Im feeling it makes me howl or makes me happy.