Saturday, 26 April 2008

of Dragons

I dont know what's going on in the subconsious of mine, but it's really screwed up judging by my dreams :)
Last night I dreamt that I worked in a caryard/garden centre and had noticed a guy drive up in a sandman panelvan, he was quite cute so I sprinted out of the door of the glass fronted office building to serve him. Seems he was after a new pet, one that ate meat. So I, in my infinite wisdom, recommended a Komodo Dragon! Just as soon as I mentioned it, it appeared! scrambling along grey concrete stones looking fierce.


Sue said...

Oooh, what a positive dream! :)

Whatever that guy represents to you (maybe aspects of yourself), how cool that you were able to recognise what he needed and as soon as you saw it - voila, along it came :)

Andrea said...

oooh I guess I hadnt really seen it in that light, a positive answer to a need! thanks Suze!